Welcome to my website dedicated to my adventure with watercolors. 

     For the past two years I've been doing a "sketch-of-the-day." The sketches actually have turned out to be small watercolors done directly from life, drawn in ink, then watercolor added. It's been invigorating and challenging and rewarding. I've added a page on this site dedicated to the "sketches." I've turned 12 of the sketches into a calendar. If you're interested in next year's edition, let me know. I'm now posting my daily sketches on Instagram (@lrichcolors) and on Facebook (Leslie Rich). Check it out and drop me a comment or two. I love hearing from you.

     I recently participated in Charlie O'Shields #OneWeek100People Challenge (you can see my results on Instagram - @lrichcolors, or on Facebook - Leslie Rich). Luckily I found myself traveling to Arizona: Spring Training, Sedona, the Grand Canyon. I had plenty of opportunities to see and sketch people. It would have been difficult in here in my little rural community. Unfortunately, I didn't find much time to sketch the amazing landscape of Northern Arizona.

I'm excited to share that I've been Doodlewashed (I am now a Guest Artist at doodlewash.com. Check out Charlie O'Shields wonderful website.) 

    If you are in Mendocino County, which is in Northern California, you can see my art on the following walls:
     *Brickhouse Coffee in Willits, CA - March/April 2017
     *Bona Marketplace in Ukiah, CA - May/June 2017
     *Willits Furniture in Willits, CA - ongoing
     *Willits Center for the Arts in Willits, CA - November 2017
     * Redwood Health Clinic in Willits, CA - ongoing

    My notecards are available at:
     * Mendocino County Museum in Willits, CA
     * Mariposa Produce in Willits, CA
     * The Stylist Hair Salon and Boutique in Willits, CA
     * Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op in Ukiah, CA
     * The Sunhouse Museum in Ukiah, CA
     * Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA
     * Caravan of Dreams in Arcata, CA

Original Watercolors by Leslie Rich
Myself in the Mirror - sketch in journal
From the Caves - 6 1/4 x 9 1/2"
February Skies - 7 x 10"
Tropical Breakfast - 5 1/2 x 3 3/4"

Most paintings on this site are available for purchase, framed. Some are available as prints.
  I am available for demonstrations and classes and commissions of all subject matter. 
  I am also interested in exhibiting my work if you have some walls that need art.

  Contact me for more information or comments at richcolors10@yahoo.com
  or follow me on Instagram: @lrichcolors or Facebook: Leslie Rich.

  Thanks for stopping by.