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Original Watercolors by Leslie Rich

128. Badger - 2012
8 1/2 x 12
Baby Sam
    Lately when I find myself sketching and painting, something that I do just about every day, I've been asking myself, "Why? Why are you painting this particular subject? Also, when I remember, I ask myself, "What? What do you want to say with this sketch or painting?" Usually, this is a completely  unconscious, or at least, sub-conscious, process. By bringing it forward I've learned some interesting things about myself.

    The answer to both questions is "Beauty." I am drawn to many subjects, but what they all have in common is their beauty, or, more accurately, my perception of their beauty. Whether it be colors, light and shadow, shape, or some combination of these elements, something catches my eye, holds my attentions, lifts my spirits. I just have to pick up pen and brush and spend some timelessness with the beauty.

    I've been engaged in this wondrous adventure and experiment called "watercolor" for 7 years, or so. Besides a few semesters at our local community college and some workshops with various artists, I am self-taught. Lately, I've been spending my time doing at least one "sketch-of-the-day", using pen and ink to draw from life, then adding watercolor.

    Through my art, I hope to inspire viewers to appreciate this crazy, yet beautiful world in which we live.

    Born and raised in the Tidewater area of Virginia, Leslie was a city girl who loved books and the ocean. During college in the Blue Ridge Mountains at the University of Virginia she discovered that she also loved clean mountain air and twinkling stars in the vast night sky.

      After a meandering 3-month exploration of the U.S., Leslie landed in California and never looked back. After a very short stint in and around L.A., she found her way to the Monterey Peninsula and all its beauty. She lived with new-found friends in a jumble of households and found work at the Granary Bakery/Natural Foods Store and at Tillie Gort's Restaurant (yes, she's in that fading mural and some of those McCleary photos!) It was while living in Pacific Grove that Leslie took her first art classes (at Monterey Peninsula Community College), had her first art show (Drawings at Tilliie's), and met Jerry, her future husband.

      Fleeing the fog, Leslie and Jerry traveled for several months in Mexico and Central America. On their return to California they were ready to find their place in the sun. Mendocino County became their new home. Leslie and her husband-to-be arrived in the small town of Willits knowing no one, but, soon after opening Just Good Food Cafe and Bakery, they found their new circle of friends.

      Thirty-nine years later, the artist is still living on a winding dirt road, off-the-grid, on a mountainous twenty acres. Her two children, Tobias and Hannah, are grown and flown. There are son and daughter-in-laws and a precious baby grandson. Leslie is still married to the same man and is glad to say that they still love each other! He is now a retired middle-school teacher and Leslie has retired from her non-profit human services career. She volunteers at the public library, creates a newsletter for Willits Daily Bread, cooks, reads, gardens, and paints, paints, paints.

      Leslie's paintings are found in private collections around the country and in New Zealand. Her art has been exhibited in Bay Area and Northern California galleries.​ She has had numerous one-woman shows, been featured in a book about Mendocino County Artists, and her work as been included in and won numerous juried shows.
Amanda Reading- watercolor sketch
Windowsill Selfie - watercolor sketch
Airporter to LAX - watercolor sketch
Jerry and Badger on the Couch - watercolor sketch