These are some of the "sketches" I've been doing everyday for about 2 years now. They are almost all done from life, either views I've encountered out-of-doors or in the mirror or around someone's house.

I usually sketch first in ink with a Platinum Carbon pen or a Lamy Safarai fountain pen with Platinum Carbon Ink. My journal of choice is Stillman & Birn Beta Series, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2", portrait orientation. Watercolors are a varitey of Artist's Grade pigments.

Sketching every day is strengthening my drawing skills, helping me refine my ideas about composition, giving me lots of practice with color, and creating a sort of memoir at the same time.

Original Watercolors by Leslie Rich
Tory Gate
Wet Deck
3rd Gate
the Old Cabin
Onion, etc.
Cake, please
Mother's Day Surprise
"Simple" sketch
Last of the Zinnias
Can't Stop Drawing This
Midnight Roses
Caren's Pitcher
Late-night shells
Tea for Two
Consider the Pelican
Young Apples
Elephant Tree Flowers
Deck flowers
Rose from Linda
Deb on the Beach
Deck Furniture
Samuel's Room
B's House
Mission Canyon
Santa Barbara neighborhood
NC Dunes
Skyview Sketchcrawl
Pomegranates from Wendy
Cut Pomegranate
One Apple
Inverness Apples
coffee, maple syrup, OJ
Another Solvang View
Another Solvang view
Art Before Breakfast
Art Before Breakfast
Amanda Reading
Clay and Sutter
Clay and Sutter
Dirty Dishes
Windowsill Selfie
Another Selfie
In the MIrror
In the Mirror
At Caffe Trieste in SF
Birthday Selfie
Selfie in the Office
Selfie with Red Glasses
Selfie in the Bathroom
Bedroom Selfie
Trusted model
March selfie
at Blue Lakes
Buddha at the Asian Art Museum, SF
Boogie Woogie Way
Chinatown SF
Close-up on the Deck
From the Deck
Skywalker Barn
Grannie Annie
Airporter to LAX
Trad Music in Galway
Grey Skies
Hannah's Kitchen
Jerry and Badger on the Couch
Asilomar Jewel
Loose Apples
Love that View
Love Where I Live